Solar Motion Lights: Why And How Should You Buy Them?

Solar motion lights are strong indicators of the fact that renewable energy has also made its presence felt in the security sector. These lights offer the same degree of protection that you can get from conventional motion sensor lights; however, they are significantly cheaper to operate and are without a doubt more environments friendly. These innovative motion lights are powered by solar energy, so they do not need underground wiring. This makes them easy to install and maintain. If you are mulling over the purchase of these motion sensor lights, here are some tips that will help.

How does a solar motion light work?

These devices are self sufficient and activate when they sense movement; the assembly of solar motion lights includes a solar panel that absorbs the heat energy of sunlight and transforms it into usable power. The motion detection system of these lights is no different than regular devices in the category.

The benefits of using solar motion lights

No electricity is utilized in the operation of solar lights

Since they do not need wiring, these lights can be installed just about anywhere
Ease of installation is another plus

Power blackouts have no effect on the working of the solar lights

They are a safer alternative to traditional motion detection lights which can be disabled by cutting the wire

These lights are usually mounted in out of reach areas of the property which enhance their efficacy

The bright lights that come on if movement is detected is enough to unnerve most intruders and alert the home owner.

Because the lights come on automatically, they make it safer to move around the property at night without the risk of tripping.

Where can solar motion lights be installed?

You will not have to dig around the property to install a solar powered motion light. Drilling a few screws to hold the device in place is all it takes, so they can be installed in various areas outside the home like the porch, driveway, entrances, pool area, garden shed, garage, walkways and any other dark pockets around the property.

Tips for buying the best solar motion lights in the market

There is certainly no dearth of products in the category; however, to find solar lights that suit your requirements and budget, keep the following tips in mind when shopping.

The housing: It would be best to purchase lights with the housing made of non-corrosive material such as stainless steel or aluminum. It is also possible to get solar lights with a plastic casing; while these are cheaper than their metallic counterparts, they may not be able to stand environmental forces as desired. The casing material should be rust proof and water proof with the ability to withstand freezing temperatures and heavy precipitation.

The solar panels: The lights have to be mounted in areas that receive direct sunlight for a few hours a day to gather enough solar energy, so they can work without any disruptions at night. However, there is an option for people who would like to place the lights under eaves or other areas of the property that do not receive enough sun light. You can buy lights with remote solar panels which can be placed away from the lights and in the sun.

LED bulbs: Finally, solar motion lights with LED bulbs are not only brighter but also last longer. In fact, these lights can easily serve you for two decades without changing the bulb which is a longer life span than incandescent or halogen lights. Another advantage of using LED is that they consume very little energy, so your motion light can stay on longer than if you were to use any other type of bulb.

Also remember to check for mounting hardware which should be sold with the device.

Bright solar motion lights are the best way to dissuade intruders from trespassing on your property. They are safe, affordable and easy to install, so go ahead and protect your home with these new age devices.


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