Light Switch Plates - They Have A Tremendous Amount Of Style Thanks To Decoupage

You have a little one who wants to do some part of decorating their room, but you really don't want to let them loose with a paintbrush. Through your mind flashes images of splatters and splashes of paint everywhere, except the wall. But you want them feel the room was part of their creation as well. So, how about letting them have a decorative impact on a smaller level, like the light switch plates?

You may have always thought of light switch plates as pieces of household hardware that you had buy and put up as is, but you'd be amazed what can come out of light switch plates that are taken into a crafting session.

In addition to the room light switch plates you are going to need magazine, comic book, or other images of your child's favorite TV, movie or cartoon characters. Remember, these are going to be on the walls of their room, so make sure it's something that matches. It's up to you to 'guide' them in the right direction. You will also need a decoupage medium (which can be found in a craft store), a paintbrush, and some glitter, if you want to really make it shine. You can also use any color of paint to paint the background, if you like.

First, if you would like a background color to the light switch plates, paint them and let then dry.

Once the paint is completely dry you can start your designing session. Using the pictures and cartoon cutouts, decide how you want them to look on the light switch covers. You can stack them up, or make your own scene with those cartoon characters squaring off at each other from both sides of the light switch plates. The possibilities are up to the creativity of those at the table.

Once you have agreed on the final layout of the characters and images, you need to glue them down to the light switch plates. Brush some of the decoupage medium on the light switch plates and then put the images in place. Once you have them just where you want them you need to coat them with a layer of the decoupage medium. Do this carefully, they will want to move around, so you need to use light brush strokes to make sure you don't mess up the design. Look carefully at the decoupage medium. Do you see little air bubbles here and there? Those will not go away unless you get rid of them. You can pop them with the back end of the brush then lightly smooth the area with the brush side.

If you have decided you want a little bit of a glittery effect as well, this is the time to add the sparkle to your creation. Let it dry.

Once you have made sure the light switch plates are completely dry, put them on the wall, turn the lights on, and appreciate the craft time you shared.


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